Promises Made Promises Kept

Promises made What was done
– “As Mayor, I will take advantage of the current low interest rates and borrow what we need to begin a long overdue program of repairs.”
  • Roads repaved, from 44% bad roads to less than 5%.
  • 26% of water mains rehabilitated.
  • Flooding claims due to sewers overflowing, cut by over 95%.
  • Sidewalks, walking paths, street lights, etc. have been improved.
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Fiscal Responsibility
– “I will seek to establish sound spending priorities and good budget management.”
  • Tax increases steadily decreased to  six years in a row of below inflation tax increases.
  • Debt down 20%
  • Debt costs down 28% since 2009.
  • Record operating surplus of $1.6 million.
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Safety & Security
– “I will insist on better traffic enforcement by the police and I will use Public Security to help identify trouble spots.”
  • Encouraged a better police presence by becoming VP of the Montreal Public Security Commission.
  • Saved neighbourhood Police Station 9 from closure.
  • Drug dealing in our parks greatly reduced.
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Traffic Calming
– “I will increase the use of traffic calming measures.”
  • Introduced raised crosswalks and lower profile speed humps.
  • Redesigned Finchley Circle.
  • Reduced CSL morning traffic on our streets.
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– “Currently [2005] parks and streets are filthy. They will be better maintained and more decorative garbage cans will be installed.”
  • Beautified Fleet and Queen Mary medians, Finchley Circle and green spaces.
  • Added more garbage receptacles.
  • Introduced dog bag dispensers.
  • Better maintenance of parks, planters and hanging pots.
  • Introduced covered garbage and recycling bins.
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Young Families
– “I will explore the needs of our young families, and work to ensure that services, programs and facilities address the needs of our children.”
  • Over twice as many events for children.
  • Tennis and pool facilities revamped.
  • All parks brought up to CSA standards and most improved.
  • Increased day camp enrollment.
  • Added two skating rinks.
Dog Run
– “I will do my best to get Hampstead its first dog run.”
  • We now have one of the finest dog runs on the island and it pays for itself!
Architectural Heritage
– “Building bylaws will be reviewed and tightened.”
  • Preserved our architectural heritage with two major by-laws to control house sizes and characteristics.
– “Hampstead deserves a Mayor who listens to you.”
  • Personally responds to every letter, e-mail and phone call promptly seven days a week.
  • Introduced our quarterly newsletter.
  • Improved Hampstead web site dramatically.
  • Launched e-Hampstead.
  • Created a customer service position.
Labour Relations
– “I know what needs to be done to reduce the chances of strikes and work-to-rule campaigns.”
  • Four long-term labour agreements concluded with no strikes or work-to-rule campaigns.
  • Significant gains in efficiency and increased service levels to seven day coverage.
  • Reduction of Town’s contributions to employees’ pension plans.
  • Salary increases of only 2% for most years of the contracts.
Sharing with our Neighbors
– “I would negotiate to share services and facilities with Cote St. Luc and Montreal West.”
  • Deal with CSL to use their snow dump saves us over $100,000 annually.
  • Have access to the CSL library.
  • Share the Montreal West hockey arena for our hockey programs.
– “As Mayor, I will work with the mayors of the other 14 demerged suburbs to put pressure on the Quebec government…”
  • Started the boycott which led to Law 22. This helped Hampstead in many ways including lower taxes and regained control of our arterial roads.
  • Vice-Chair the permanent Public Security Commission of the Agglomeration council.
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See for the 2005 campaign promises Go to the Track Record to see a more in depth list of what we have accomplished

Mayor Steinberg didn’t just keep his promises; he went well beyond! Imagine what he can do in the next four years!

On November 5 vote to re-elect Mayor Bill Steinberg