Bill’s Recommendations for Hampstead Town Council

To ensure that Hampstead keeps moving forward in the direction that I have led us the last twelve years, we need the best possible people on council. It is crucial that honest, hard working and dedicated individuals are elected.

I do not think that slates are a good idea in small towns and the candidates that I am recommending are independent, running on their own platforms.

Seat #1 Cheryl Weigensberg-Wood

I am very excited to have such an energetic, smart, hard working and dedicated resident running for council. She is Chairman of the Board of St. Georges School and was asked to stay on for an unprecedented fifth year. With her proven experience as a community volunteer and leader (Hampstead Centennial Committee, Night on the Town Committee, Recreation Committee and more), Cheryl will be a huge asset to our Town.

Seat #2 Jack Edery acclaimed

If Jack’s only contribution to Hampstead was to keep us fiscally responsible, that would be more than enough. However, he is involved in every decision that we make and applies his intelligence, analytical mind, calm demeanour and most importantly his ethical and moral compass to everything that we as a council do. I am looking forward to his continued contributions in the next mandate.

Seat #3 Howard Wallace

Over the past few weeks I have spoken to numerous people who know Howard and not one had a bad word to say. In fact, they all think he will make a great councillor and after many conversations with Howard, I have come to the same conclusion.He is an ethical, smart, hard working man who has shown his devotion to Hampstead and the larger community.

Seat #4 Michael Goldwax acclaimed

After three terms, Michael is one of the longest serving members of my team. He has been invaluable in his portfolios – Public Works, Environment, Seniors and IT (shared with Warren). When our Blues are working overnight on water main breaks or other emergencies, Michael is usually bringing coffee and donuts to show our appreciation. He also brings unique and good perspectives to our caucus discussions.

Seat #5 Warren Budning acclaimed

Warren was the youngest councillor ever elected in Hampstead and while he brings the perspective of the young demographic to council, he is also serious, mature and just as concerned about being fiscally responsible as I am. He has proven to be a very valuable member of our Planning and Architectural Committee. I am happy to have him return for the next four years.

Seat #6 Harvey Shaffer acclaimed

Harvey Shaffer is incredibly hard working, smart, totally dedicated to our town and a man of unquestioned ethics and integrity. He has made significant contributions to Hampstead the past eight years and I very much want to see him back on council for another four years.

Vote at the Community Centre in Hampstead Park

Regular Poll: November 5, 10am to 8pm

Don’t forget to bring a government issued I.D. with a photo on it.