Beautification & Environment

  • Queen Mary has been beautified by increasing the planting areas from 2% of the median to more than 22%. Additionally, the use of perennials saves the town money by reducing replanting and repurchasing.QM-median
  • By putting in sprinkler systems Hampstead saves man hours in watering by hand and saves water.
  • Finchley-circleGreatly improved the look of the Finchley Circle and other areas with trees, perennials and new layouts.
  • Redid Councillors (Gayton), Aldred, and Langhorne parks
  • Increased the size of the hanging flower baskets around the town.
  • Significantly increased the planting of new trees throughout the town and created a “Tree Bank” whereby residents who cut down trees have to replace them or donate to the Town’s tree bank which is used to purchase and plant trees.
  • dog-dispenserIntroduced dog bag dispensers to encourage owners to pick up after their dogs (plus the ads on the dispensers generate income).
  • Added dozens of garbage receptacles.
  • Introduced once a week garbage collection to reduce waste and increase recycling. We have received $300,000 from Quebec in the last 3 years for reducing the amount of waste being picked up.
  • Added covered garbage and recycling bins on wheels for automated collections, which are more efficient, keep the town cleaner and reduce problems due to urban wildlife.
  • Residents can now increase their recycling containers to 360L, for free, and obtain smaller garbage bins. This encourages more recycling and less waste which earns the Town money.
  • Through the Hampstead newsletter, eHampstead, town website and Bee Green festival residents are educated in how they can live more environmentally friendly lifestyles.
  • Transformed Fleet from a median of nothing but concrete to cutouts with trees, perennials, and annual flowers. Fleet-median
  • green-space-maintenanceIntroduced bylaws that require newly built homes to have a larger amount of green space on their properties.
  • Increased the upkeep of our parks by hiring a Green Foreman who ensures that Hampstead’s green spaces are kept clean and well maintained.
  • First town in Canada to ban wood burning stoves because they pollute the air. 
  • tree-surveyDid a survey of all public trees last year and are doing a survey of private trees this year. Therefore, when we plant new trees this will ensure that Hampstead has a diverse mix of species of trees to prevent devastation from infestations and to increase biodiversity.


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