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HAMPSTEAD's Top Ten Accomplishments
in the Last Decade

# 10

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10. Centennial Parade and Concert

Mayor Denis Coderre, Ginette Reno, Guy Lafleur, the entire Royal Montreal regiment, numerous cultural groups and entertainers from noon to the evening fireworks.

# 9

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9. Long Term debt down by 48%

Our long term debt level is one of the lowest on the island.

# 8

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8. No Smoking (tobacco or cannabis) in Public

First city in Quebec and second in Canada to protect residents from second hand smoke.

# 7

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7. Hampstead’s First Dog Run

Hampstead's first dog run now in Hampstead Park

# 6

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6. House Values Increased Dramatically

Our home values are second only to Westmount and the gap is narrowing.

Honourable mentions: Revamped Website, Hampstead Newsletter, Harry Rosen Sculpture, Collective Agreement with the Blue Collar workers, Public Security Officers going above and beyond, The Royal Montreal Regiment given freedom of the city, RIMQ Award of Excellence…

Where do we go from here?

When I first ran for Mayor in 2005, I had never been on council and knew little about how municipal government worked. My vision consisted of little more than being fiscally responsible, fixing our terrible infrastructure, listening to residents, and running an honest and ethical administration. That has not changed and will not change but we have done so much more.

While I may be biased, I think the town is being well run, in accordance with our objectives, but now with almost 16 years of experience, I think we can do better, much better. We have an opportunity to improve Hampstead as never before.

If you have any comments or questions on this topic or anything else related to Hampstead, please contact me seven days a week until midnight.

Dr. Bill Steinberg
Mayor, Town of Hampstead