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Mayors from 12 countries sign commitment to remove antisemitism

The Jerusalem Post – June 10, 2021

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Hear Hear Magazine – September, 2020

“For years, Dr. William Steinberg, a double cochlear implant recipient and the mayor of Hampstead, led the campaign to bring the surgery to Montréal. Dr. Steinberg was fitted with Cochlear Implant CI in Québec, and was an integral part of approving the surgeries to come to Montréal in 2019. Currently, he is the President of CIRA (Cochlear Implant Recipients Association) and Vice-Chair of the Agglomeration Permanent Commission on Public Security. He has also fostered relations with organizations, leaders, and members of government both
in Hampstead and across Québec and Canada.”

Bill 21: Hampstead passes motion vowing to defy secularism law

The Montreal Gazette – June 5, 2019

Long-awaited cochlear implant surgery coming to Montreal

The Montreal Gazette – January 28, 2019

Quebec community considers ban on public smoking

Global News – March 19, 2018

The race to save the Mont-Royal provincial riding

The Suburban – January 3, 2018

Hampstead council votes to donate to riding court battle

The Suburban – May 10, 2017

All votes in Quebec should have equal weight

The Montreal Gazette – March 15, 2017

Former Hampstead police officers honoured

The Suburban – Oct 21, 2015

Emerald ash borer prompts vaccinate vs. chop down debate

Hampstead mayor says chop and replace, but St-Laurent mayor says the TreeAzin vaccine works

CBC News – Jun 15, 2014

Towns in Montreal celebrate 10 demerged years

CBC News – Jun 15, 2014

Taking a stand against Bill 60: Hampstead, CSL, universities throw down gauntlet

CTV Montreal – December 2, 2013

Hampstead passes resolution denouncing Quebec’s proposed charter

Global News – December 3. 2013

Town of Hampstead won’t apply ‘racist’ Quebec charter

CBC News – December 3, 2013

Coderre vows to protect Montreal’s diversity – Mayors call proposal divisive, appalling and embarrassing

Montreal Gazette – November 8, 2013

Hampstead Mayor William Steinberg said his municipality wouldn’t even bother to apply for exemptions to the charter because that would give it a legitimacy it does not deserve.

“We will ignore it” if it is voted into law, he said. “Let them take us to court, I don’t care — we can be the test case. We won’t even consider the law. It’s illegitimate, it’s immoral and shameful and we will not co-operate with it at all.”

None of Hampstead’s public employees wear religious symbols, but many have asked if they could in protest if the law comes into effect. Certainly, said Steinberg, who calls Bill 60 the Charter of Shame. Read more…

Hampstead Mayor Debate on Focus Montreal with Jamie Orchard. Skip to 14:46 for the start of the Hampstead debate.

Global Montreal – October 26, 2013

Debate between Mayor Bill Steinberg and Bonnie Feigenbaum on the Howie Silbiger show 

Radio Shalom 1650 AM – October 20, 2013

Other cities on Montreal Island are being ignored in main mayoral campaign, mayors say

Montreal Gazette – October 17, 2013

Agglomeration tax levels are a constant thorn in the side of island cities, Bill Steinberg, incumbent mayor of Hampstead, said. “In Hampstead, we have kept local tax increases below inflation for six years in a row. Montreal’s tax increase in one year during that time was as high as 12.6 per cent,” he said. “Montreal has to be managed in a more efficient way.” Read more…

Quebec Charter of ShameCharter of Shame by Bill Steinberg

Free Press – September 24, 2013

Much has been written about the Quebec Charter of Values but the focus has been on ridiculing how it could be applied. How big a cross is too big? When is a scarf on the head a hijab? Why is the cross on Mount Royal OK but a cross around the neck not? Ridicule is good because there is nothing worse for a politician than to be ridiculed.

However, I am concerned that these criticisms miss some key points. The Charter is not flawed because it is hard to apply; it is flawed because it legalizes discrimination against religious and cultural groups. It is tyranny of the majority against minorities.

I am very pleased to be a citizen of a liberal democracy as opposed to a non-liberal democracy. A liberal democracy has a constitution that limits the power of government so that basic rights are not easily removed from minorities. Quebec currently is a liberal democracy because it has an excellent Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms. I suggest that readers take a minute to Google it and see what we will lose when the Charter is amended so that the new Charter of Values will be legal.

Here are just two excerpts:

  • Whereas all human beings are equal in worth and dignity, and are entitled to equal protection of the law.
  • Every person is the possessor of the fundamental freedoms, including freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, … freedom of expression.
  • The Charter of Values will not allow freedom of conscience, of religion or of expression for people who wish to work for the government, in hospitals, as teachers and even as daycare workers. Employment should be based on one’s ability and not on any other characteristics.

Do Quebecers really want to become like Saudi Arabia and Iran where the state dictates what one can and cannot wear?

In Quebec, I am a member of three minorities. I speak English, I am handicapped (hearing) and I am a Jew. This Charter will take away my freedom as a Jew. How long before other freedoms are removed from me or you in the name of making all Quebecers fit a certain mould?

It is a slippery slope and that is why we must vigorously oppose any infringements on our basic freedoms. Today it may be others but tomorrow it will be you and to paraphrase the famous poem (First they came for ….) there will be no one left to speak up for you.

Charter of Quebec Values: Montreal politicians united in disdain

Montreal Gazette – September 11, 2013

Bill Steinberg doesn’t wear a kippah to work, but if Quebec’s secularism charter comes to pass, he’ll wear the biggest one he can find. The mayor of Hampstead was reacting Tuesday to the unveiling of the Parti Québécois government’s Charter of Quebec Values… Read More…

Hampstead mayor, residents push for hazardous cargo ban

CTV News Montreal – July 16, 2013

Petition against transport of dangerous material in Hampstead

By Rafael Jacob – Global News

Letter: Preventing rail disasters in urban areas

The Gazette – July 11, 2013

For over a decade, residents of Hampstead and other communities have been trying to get hazardous materials off the rail lines going through our heavily populated areas.The Lac-Mégantic tragedy is not the first train derailment involving hazardous materials nor will it be the last. Read more… Sign the petition

CJAD 800 Interview about petition to ban hazardous materials from being passed through major cities

Sign the petition

Quebec’s War on English With Dr. William Steinberg and Mr Anthony Housefather

April 10, 2013 – Radio Shalom

Why everyone should be concerned about Bill 14

Jan 29, 2013 – The Free Press The Quebec government has proposed passing Bill 14 in order to strengthen the French Language Charter Read more… (pg. 15)

Hampstead hosts municipal delegation from Israel

October 26, 2012 In an example of intermunicipal and international cooperation, the Town of Hampstead, in collaboration with the Israeli Consul General in Montreal, very proudly hosted a delegation of mayors from municipalities in Israel Read more…

Montreal police come up short in crime-busting

The Gazette – December 18, 2010 The city has most cops per population but the force ranks 7th in results Read more…

New water-gate invention expected to save Hampstead hundreds of thousands of dollars

July 16, 2009 – The Monitor The Town of Hampstead just announced that it has recently acquired a new Water-Gate system designed to stop the flow of water in the case of water main breaks and divert it back to the street. This new acquisition is expected to save the Town hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in potential insurance claims for flooded basements. Hampstead will be the first town on the island to use the Water-Gate flood water diversion system. Read more …

With Grey!

Editorial by Beryl Wajsman in the Suburban (July 15, 2009). What little remains of our civil liberties in our personal lives is due to the efforts of a handful of Canadians. The imposition of politically correct attitudes and affects combined with the overbearing reach of the control state have made public officials, for the most part, feckless and weak. Pandering rules principle. Paramount among those who continue to seek to make law the shield of the honest and the staff of the innocent and not just a two-edged sword of craft and oppression is Montreal lawyer Julius Grey. He has devoted his life to the vulnerable and nearly-vanquished, and time and again to the only causes worth fighting for, the lost ones. In Quebec, he is singularly responsible for keeping the flame of individual conscience and consequence alive in the face of collectivist lockstep. He has said many times and in many places that “legislating niceness is not very nice.” When he said those words he was not talking only about the endless stream of nanny-state rule and regulation. He was also talking about the demonization of people for the views they hold. The suffocating rush to conformity that poisons every aspect of our public debate. Last week Julius Grey almost became a victim of these maladies we oppose so vigorously. Grey has been acting as counsel to the Town of Hampstead. Read more …

Hampstead’s lawyer has right to back Harel

Editorial in the Gazette (July 21, 2009).

Some members of Hampstead’s city council have chosen to ignore, or else do not understand, an elementary fact of democratic life: That it is possible to dispute someone’s political choices without doubting his or her professional capacities. Lawyer Julius Grey is, we believe, certainly misguided in backing Vision Montreal candidate Louise Harel in this fall’s Montreal municipal election. But the attempt to have him dismissed as Hampstead’s lawyer in a court case, because of this, was far more sorely misguided, and more evidently so. Read more …

The spirit of co-operation

August 12, 2008 The spirit of co-operation took place on July 17, at the Congregation Dorshei Emet in Hampstead, commemorating the 85 people killed and the 300 injured in the July 18th 1944 bomb attack on the Jewish Community Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Read more…

CSL, Hampstead, MoWest mayors pleased with decision saving Station 9

May 31, 2007 According to a plan to reduce the number of stations in the neighbourhood policing system set up a decade ago, Station 9 on Cavendish Boulevard in Côte St. Luc and Station 11 on Somerled Avenue in NDG were set to merge at a new and larger location. Read more…

Hampstead pursues lower local tax effort, while curtailing water usage

Article on montré by Martin C. Barry (January 16, 2008).

In its latest annual budget, the Town of Hampstead is opting for an environmentally-friendly approach that encourages residents to save water and pay less tax while doing so. Read more …

Law 22 provides major benefits for Hampstead

August 1, 2008 Mayor’s Message

When I ran for Mayor, one of my promises was to fight for a fairer Agglomeration Council. To achieve this, I was the first of the suburban Mayors, along with Mayor Tutino of Baie D’Urfe, to start a boycott of the Agglomeration Council which all the Mayors joined and, as a result, the Quebec government began to pay attention. Since then it has taken 18 months of tough negotiations but we have succeeded in getting an excellent deal in Law 22 which was passed by the National Assembly June 21, 2008.

Hampstead mayor coped with severe hearing loss as a student

William (Bill) Steinberg recently returned to Hampstead Elementary School for one of his regular visits. More than 50 years ago he was a student there as a special needs student, having been born with a sensorineural hearing loss, with damaged hair cells in the cochlea. Today, he is the mayor of Hampstead and a successful businessman. Read more…

Hampstead passes by-law banning wood-burning ‘appliances’

November 2008

The States of the Union for our West End Municipalities

December 4, 2007,-Part-2/1

Hampstead cracks down on swimming pool safety violations

June 28, 2007

En Francais

Charte des valeurs – Hampstead prone la désobéissance civile

TVA Nouvelles – le 3 decembre, 2013

Le maire de Hampstead lance une pétition contre le transport de matières dangereuses

Radio-Canada  – le 16 juillet 2013

Drame de Lac-Mégantic: pétition à Hampstead contre le transport dangereux

Huffington Post Quebec – le 16 juillet 2013

Transport de matières dangereuses: le maire de Hampstead en croisade

La Presse –  le 16 juillet 2013

Copropriétés: une première à Hampstead

Le 10 octobre 2012 – La Presse La construction du Belvédère est bénéfique pour Hampstead à court et à long terme, estime le maire, Bill Steinberg. «En plus des 5,5 millions obtenus pour la vente de la caserne, nous parviendrons à hausser nos revenus de taxation d’environ 4%, ce qui nous permettra de continuer d’investir dans l’entretien de nos rues et de nos infrastructures, explique-t-il. Nous pourrons aussi accueillir de nouvelles familles, autant dans le complexe immobilier que dans les maisons, qui deviendront disponibles. La ville est petite, mais nous pouvons recevoir des résidants supplémentaires.» Lisez plus…

Le conseil municipal de Hampstead est maintenant « sans papier »

Le 17 Decembre, 2010

L’appui de Julius Grey à Louise Harel suscite la colère à Hampstead

Le 19 juillet 2009 – La Presse L’avocat Julius Grey se retrouve au coeur d’une controverse politique qui divise la ville défusionnée de Hampstead. Le maire William Steinberg a opposé son véto à une résolution du conseil municipal pour qu’il cesse de représenter la Ville devant les tribunaux. La raison : il soutient la candidate à la mairie de Montréal Louise Harel, l’architecte des fusions municipales. Lisez plus…

Un maire chiche, un autre prodigue

le 15 juillet 2008 – La Presse Les cinq maires les moins dépensiers en 2007 1 – Anthony Housefather (Côte-Saint-Luc) : 262,60$ 2 – Yvon Labrosse (Montréal-Est) : 472,28$ 3 – George McLeish (Senneville) : 1498,00$ 4 – Campbell Stuart (Montréal-Ouest) : 2308,90$ 5 – William Steinberg (Hampstead) : 2702,22$