Priorities for the Next Four Years

IMPORTANT: These are not just hopes and dreams. Under my leadership we have achieved goal after goal and this will continue. The proof is in my track record.

Fiscal Responsibility

  • Will keep local tax increases below inflation every year, as we have the last ten years.
  • New capital spending will be mostly in areas that will produce operational savings.
    • For example, our current and future roadwork will result in lower annual maintenance costs. Our vehicle replacement program will continue to save us money by reducing employee overtime and spending on parts.
    • The water main rehabilitation program will continue to reduce costly flooding claims and overtime costs to fix the breaks.
  • Debt will continue to be kept at levels the town can afford.


Fleet Road
  • Remainder of bad roads will be fixed, this includes Ellerdale in 2018.
  • Water main rehabilitation will continue as required.
  • We will keep our sidewalks in good condition. An average of $200,000 annually will be spent.
  • More of the pathways will be fixed.
  • We will continue to replace many of our lamp posts and fix the wiring. LED lighting is also planned as a low-energy and low-cost solution.

New Facilities

  • We will examine what facilities are feasible to replace, or improve, for example, our old Town hall and our patched together Community Centre. They will either be renovated or a new civic centre, combining both facilities, will be constructed. Studies will be conducted and there will be substantial community consultation before we decide on the best course of action.
  • A hockey arena will be considered at the same time. However, not an underground arena with underground parking since it would be far too costly.
  • IMPORTANT: Rest assured that whatever we do, the commitment to keep local tax increases below inflation will be respected. Our operational costs are now less, due to reduced funding requirements for our basic infrastructure and so this will be very feasable.

Community Services and RecreationLittle kids making faces on soccer field

  • We will continue to develop new events and programs and help fund and implement them through volunteer engagement.
  • Our parks will continue to be enhanced and beautified.
  • Our facilities such as pool, tennis courts, and dog run, will continue to be improved.


  • We will further improve the energy efficiency of our facilities.
  • We will continue to encourage practices that will be environmentally responsible.

Beautification of the TownBaronscourt Circle

  • More will be done over the coming years with an emphasis on planting perennials and a diverse range of trees. This will reduce our annual maintenance costs.
  • All parks will continue to be improved making them more beautiful, with increased flowers and trees and new playground equipment.
  • We will continue beautification of our road medians and other green spaces.
  • We will increase the size and quantity of flower baskets and flower pots throughout the town.
  • We will enhance the look of our town with decorative lighting.

Top Quality Client Services

  • While our service is already very good, we will continue to ensure that it gets even better. 
  • I will continue to respond to phone calls and e-mails 7 days a week until midnight and that will never stop.


  • Hampstead NewsletterThe quarterly printed newsletter, I implemented, will continue.
  • eHampstead will be overhauled and keep growing.
  • Our web site is constantly being updated and we’re adding exciting new features and a better design.
  • We will add interactive web functionality to allow some services to be provided 24/7.
  • As always, I am easily reachable.

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