All testimonials were written by Hampstead residents

These testimonials are all from Hampstead residents past and present. Some have passed away or moved out of Hampstead.
“I can’t see anyone doing a better job running the town than Mayor Steinberg.”

Neil Weinman – Stratford Rd. resident

“I find your availability to the residents both by phone and e-mail to be quite unique. When I have called, you have either answered my question or gotten the necessary help I needed. Thank You.”

Mary Szego – Stratford Rd. resident

“Bill Steinberg is what we all seek as a mayor.  With two terms of municipal governance to measure, we know our Mayor is a fair minded, responsive, hands-on – and most noteworthy in this day and age – an unquestionably honest and ethical leader whose unselfish concern is to better the lives of us, the citizens of Hampstead.  With a public track record that does everyone proud, why would anyone want to replace the demonstrated leadership of Bill and his team of councillors?”

Donna-Lee & David Kauffman – Eton Cr. residents

“I endorse your honesty, vision, attention to detail, fairness, transparency, your ability to stand up to extreme negativity, and your extreme attentiveness to every email or call that always concludes with results. Continued good luck and success.”

Jeff Frank –  Dufferin Rd. resident

“Simply put, Bill Steinberg is the Mayor that cares. He cares about our town and each resident. He proves this over and over again by being accessible by phone every evening, by welcoming our calls and listening. He returns our emails and calls with a positive view and solution. Thank you Bill. We have faith in you as our Mayor. We wish you many more.”

Barry and Carol Stein – Queen Mary Rd. residents

“When confronting considerable challenges with my lawn after Bell Media decimated it to install some equipment, I was lucky enough to have our wonderful Mayor, Bill Steinberg, help rectify the situation quickly, efficiently and with great empathy. He really is a man of action and integrity, always there for his residents in all the ways that matter.”

Gail Campbell – Fallbrook resident

“As a long time Hampstead resident, I can truly say that we have never had a Mayor as dedicated as Bill Steinberg. He has kept tax increases low while fixing our infrastructure which was in a terrible state following the borough years. The town is more beautiful than ever. He responds to residents promptly and takes a serious interest in all issues big and small. When I needed his help with the Israel Bond organization, he happily agreed even though he is very busy. I will vote for Mayor Bill.”

Ora Stolovitz – Netherwood Cr. resident

“Congratulations on being awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal by the Governor General of Canada and your peers in the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

This is a well deserved recognition of your very hard work on behalf of the citizens of Hampstead including sound infrastructure management over the years, your leadership in working with Montreal and our neighbouring municipalities through the demerger process, and the current beautification of Hampstead. The Hampstead newsletter and the frequent emails keeping us up-to-date on important issues and activities are much appreciated innovations.

Most of all, your availability and quick and effective response to individual concerns is your exceptional skill.”

Kim Davidman, Thurlow Rd. Resident

“We have lived in Hampstead for 31 years and we wanted to congratulate you for your efforts in controlling costs and providing prudent administration. Many bricks are often thrown in your direction undeservedly and we thought we would take the time to express our appreciation for what is, for the most part, a thankless job. We hope you will be re-elected for a third term.”

Lise and Robert Issenman – Kilburn Cr. residents

“My family has lived in Hampstead at the same address for thirty-five years during the civic mandates of several administrations.

Until Bill Steinberg was elected, the town was always led by very part-time mayors, generally by individuals who had little time to devote to our very small town. Most were preoccupied with their own business or professional responsibilities, but certainly not with the detail of Hampstead’s infrastructure, finances, administration, security, leisure activities, human relations, purchasing, inter-municipal cooperative programs, etc. The results of this neglect were the financial mess and broken down systems and infrastructure uncovered when Bill Steinberg was elected.

When Bill Steinberg was first elected Mayor, he immediately, by example, set about changing the work ethic throughout Hampstead’s work force and administration by being on call 24/7 to all resident concerns and by making the job of Mayor a full time managerial pursuit. He turned over every rock to root out poor and costly practices, all the way from the roads department, through to recreation, parks, streets, water and sewage infrastructure, security, garbage and recycling, you name it, not just by tweaking, but by totally overhauling the long ingrained, archaic practices in all of these and other under-managed areas such as procurement, culture, public relations.

So far, what are the results of all this leadership, honesty and very hands on efforts?

  • one of the finest infrastructures on the island of Montreal, while at the same time keeping tax increases below inflation every year.
  • debt has been substantially reduced.
  • the first Hampstead Mayor, who is totally honest and ethical, not in the job for power or prestige, but rather for the FULL-TIME challenge of making the Town the best community on the island, in every respect.
  • turned the derelict firehouse into $5.5 million cash when all his opponents and their experts told him he couldn’t do it and that Hampstead didn’t even have title to the property post demerger.
  • with new zoning and better sensitivity to younger family needs, Hampstead has seen an unprecedented number of new, highly valuable homes replace low value properties, while maintaining the original high architectural character of the Town.

Why would anyone want to change Bill Steinberg, as Mayor, when we have such an outstanding winner, leading a very capable set of chosen team mates into a very bright future?”

Bill Reim – Granville Rd. resident

“William Steinberg is the best mayor that we have had in the Town of Hampstead during the 40 years that we have lived here. Bill is both fully attentive and accessible to the needs of our residents, providing us with efficient services and fun activities for the entire family.

We feel very secure and well cared for with Bill Steinberg as our mayor and would wish him to stay in his position as long as he is willing.”

Allan & Terri Axelrod, Thurlow Rd. residents

“I thank you and your team for making our town a better place to live and at the same time keeping our tax increases so low in comparison to Montreal’s and many of the demerged cities and towns. Since becoming Mayor you have invested heavily in our infrastructure, renovated all the towns parks, paved most streets and sidewalks, repaired and replaced most water mains built a beautiful dog park and still remained at or below budget. You are currently completing the beautification of Fleet and Queen Mary roads which are used by hundreds of cars daily!

After reading what goes on in other cities you should be very proud of your accomplishments. Making yourself available to citizens personally by telephone up until 12:00 am daily, is above and beyond a mayor’s call of duty.

Furthermore, you are transparent and you have implemented measures to prevent the negative dealings that have been going on for years in cities and towns around us. You’re truly a man of integrity and make our town the ideal place to raise a family.”

Howard Burak, Queen Mary Rd. resident

“WHY I SUPPORT WILLIAM “BILL” STEINBERG FOR MAYOR OF HAMPSTEAD Having worked with Bill for the past 11 ½ years as a Councillor for our Town, I can truly state that he is the epitome of what a good and dedicated Mayor should be. He is honest, hard-working and result orientated. As you all know he has constantly and consistently kept our property tax increases below inflation, thereby demonstrating his strong administrative skills. He is always available, day or night. He responds in short order to all e-mails and phone calls. He takes a great and serious interest in all issues brought to him by our citizens and resolves them with due dispatch. Bill makes it his business to be fully aware of the issues involving the portfolios of each of my fellow councillors, and is always available for assistance and guidance. He has an excellent track record as Mayor of Hampstead. During his tenure as Mayor, we have never suffered a deficit and out financial position has always remained strong. He has greatly improved the infrastructure of our Town by improving our roads and water mains. He has reduced our debt. He was instrumental in the sale of the fire station which provided the Town with 5.5 Million Dollars thereby enabling the Town to engage in extensive infrastructure and beautification projects without incurring debt. The sale of the fire station will also increase our tax base considerably.  Hampstead is most fortunate to have as our Mayor a man who devotes approximately 60 hours a week or more to our Town, a man with experience, who is fair, has great leadership qualities and is unbiased, a man who always gets the job done. That is why I support the candidacy of William “Bill” Steinberg for a fifth term as Mayor of Hampstead.”

Harvey Shaffer

“It is time to prepare again for a new election.

I hope that we will give Bill Steinberg the vote for another term.

 In my opinion, he has done more for our town than any mayor in the last 43 years, which is how long I have lived in Hampstead.”

Mina  Kupferberg – Ferncroft Rd. resident

“Dear Mayor Steinberg,

We have a large surplus and I want to thank you for the prudent management that has made such financial results possible.

Thanks too for explaining all the details in your informative Mayor’s messages. You are efficient, accessible, and the Town is doing well. We will be voting for you.”

Dr. Ron and Sandra Feldman – Thurlow Rd. residents

“The town of Hampstead has been lucky to have Bill Steinberg as our mayor.

The town is running as well as ever.  He is dedicated, available and aware of all portfolios.

He has developed an excellent team of both councillors and staff.

I wish Bill many more terms as Mayor of Hampstead.”

Gary Shapiro, demerger leader, co-founder of CRITIQ, and Queen Mary Rd. resident.

“To my fellow voters

I was very pleased to hear that Mayor Bill Steinberg will be running for another term. He has been an excellent Mayor! He has managed to not increase the tax burden of Hampsteaders while at the same time doing the work that needed to be done. As I look out of my windows onto two different streets, I am aware of the constant care taken in Hampstead. Mayor Steinberg was extremely helpful and kind when I needed to solve a serious problem that ensued while access to my garage was cut off last year.

I wish him GOOD LUCK.”

Mildred Nathanson – Ellerdale Rd. resident

“I had an incident which I directed straight to our Mayor. Within minutes I had a reply and a solution which I was happy with. He was extremely professional and fair and made my issue a priority. Thank you Bill!”

Melissa Daniel – Fallbrook Rd. resident

“I think Bill Steinberg is an excellent mayor. He is always available and takes the time to listen to residents. Our town has never looked better and we have him to thank for it.”

Perry Kliot, Dufferin Rd. resident

“William Steinberg can be measured by his professional management of Hampstead.  He has given us eight years of superior service, managing to keep the rate of our tax increases lower than the corresponding tax increases for Montreal. He also has received federal subsidies for Hampstead infrastructure repairs. Perhaps even more important, we must also remember his success with the demergers: Hampstead exists today because William Steinberg fought vigorously for our town. I look forward to four more years of Mayor Bill’s good governance and responsible leadership.”

Allan Flegg, Stratford Rd. resident

“One of the beautiful things about living in Hampstead is that Mayor Steinberg has made himself a people’s mayor. Unlike the concept that “you can’t fight city hall,” Mayor Steinberg is always accessible, and goes the extra mile by putting out his contact information to the public. No red tape here, just write to him about any subject or question, and literally within 2 hours you have a detailed response. Try that with our mega Montreal. What a privilege we have here.”

Elliott Shuchat – Holtham Rd. resident

“We are writing to express our support to you in your bid for re-election. We have lived in Hampstead for 50 years, and we have seen much come and go… but nothing as open, focused and effective as your administration. We feel that we can be winners ourselves…. by voting that you continue this good work, Thank you… to you and our dedicated councillors”

Don &Louise O’Donnell – Dufferin Rd. residents

“It is my pleasure to endorse you in the upcoming election; I appreciate your prompt attention to my calls and/or emails; I feel that Hampstead is in good financial step under your stewardship. Keep up the good work and bonne chance en novembre.”

Murray Sklar – Dufferin Rd. resident

“We believe that Bill Steinberg has been very effective in his role.  He has orchestrated a rejuvenation of the Town by rebuilding its infrastructure, rendering it financially healthier, making it even more family friendly, and continuing its beautification. He also provides unprecedented direct access to himself for all Hampstead residents to consult with him on various matters that are of concern to them. We wish him good luck on his re-election.”

Anat and Jeff Gerstein – Albion Rd. residents

“Just a note to thank you for always answering your emails and answering them so quickly! I know that if a request makes sense then you’ll do your best to implement it. Good Luck.”

Barry Smith – Harrow Road resident

“On behalf of my wife Gloria and myself, we would like to express our appreciation for the very efficient manner in which you and your team of city councillors have administered the Town of Hampstead. Repairs to the infrastructure were managed extremely well and it does add to the ambiance of Hampstead. In addition, I always get a chuckle reading the “Hampstead” bulletin when you state that you could be reached up to midnight, seven days a week. You are to be applauded for your dedication which is unheard of in this day and age.”

Gloria and Al Stieber – Netherwood Cr. resident

“As a resident of Hampstead for 26 years, it remains quite clear that Bill Steinberg is a leader in his mayoral capacity. His concern for the well being of the community and his citizens goes without question. The positive changes that he has brought to Hampstead are clear and many. Any concern or question I may have addressed to him in the past is replied to in a positive and quick manner – there have been several examples of this over the course of his tenure. I look forward to seeing Bill as our Mayor for another 4 years.”

Norman Levine – Queen Mary Rd. resident

“We have been Hampstead residents for over 40 years. There have only been 3 mayors in all that time. Bill Steinberg is definitely the most responsive and accommodating mayor that I have dealt with. When I approached him with the problem of speeders on Heath Road, he reacted by having speed bumps installed. I believe that this Town needs Bill Steinberg to continue being our mayor.”

Kenneth M Wolfe – Heath Rd. resident

“We have known Bill Steinberg for over a quarter century as a friend and fellow Hampstead resident. There is no question in our minds, that after observing his tenure as mayor over the past eight years, that Bill has provided the leadership the Town has needed with honesty, devotion, integrity, tenacity, and grit. The results speak for themselves – a safer, cleaner, greener town whose financial management has been of the highest order. He has kept our taxes low, has built solid, trusting relationships with labour and made Hampstead the most desirable area on the island in which to live. We need more of Bill, not less!”

Dr. Zeev and Gabi Rosberger – Queen Mary Rd. residents

“I support William Steinberg as Mayor of Hampstead.  He is an extremely conscientious person, available to its citizens and devoted to the Town.”

Dr. Saul Frenkiel – Thurlow Rd. resident

“I will be very happy to vote for you in the next mayoral election. You have been very attentive to my traffic concerns on Finchley road. I appreciate your help in implementing speed bumps on our street to increase safety.”

Dr. Michael Singer – Finchley Rd resident

“Best mayor ever!”

Galila Peleg – Wexford Cr. resident

“Based on my personal experience with Bill Steinberg as our Mayor, I can not even begin to imagine anyone coming close to his level of leadership, devotion, openness and commitment to all residents of Hampstead. His response time to any of my past concerns have always been immediate (even while he is travelling, emails were responded to within minutes). I find great comfort in having a Mayor who genuinely cares about residents’ issues and expediently strives to resolve them. Without repeating many of the facts posted on this page, I concur with them wholeheartedly.”

Robert Komlos – Cleve Rd. resident

“It is in our best interest for Bill to continue as our mayor. His leadership and influence is visible not only in the financial health of our town but also the improvements (even if I do not use many of them) that have taken place during his time in the office. I am looking forward to many more years of his service to Hampstead.”

George Galambos – Dufferin Rd. resident

“I needed help to solve a potential problem concerning my property. I wrote an e-mail to Mr. Steinberg, asking him for his assistance, though I was quite skeptical about the outcome.

Not only did I get an answer within a few hours, but the mayor was ready to visit me on the week-end to see the problem first hand.

His availability and hands on participation was very impressive, for which I thank him very much.

Your visit was truly appreciated!”

Judith Florian – Dufferin Rd. resident

“In 2007, I was able to count on the support of the Mayor and my Hampstead in ratifying a resolution to bring my brother home from India. You were asked and you were engaged immediately to do whatever you could to help one of your residents. And for that I will always be grateful. Hampstead has changed for the better during your tenure and I know it will improve if you are re-elected.”

Sylvia Itzhayek – Finchley Rd. resident

“It is with pleasure and pride that I, my family and friends in Hampstead, will support you. First and foremost, for your numerous accomplishments, and for your easy and friendly interaction with the citizen of Hampstead. We can not have a better mayor than you.”

Victor Azerad – Thurlow Rd. resident

“I am so happy with the job that Dr. Steinberg has done as Mayor of Hampstead. Anytime I have ever had a problem or question I was able to call him and have an answer or solution that day. I remember him answering my email on his vacation. That is someone who care about our beautiful town and it’s people. I will again vote for Dr. Steinbergs knowledge and experience but most of all I will vote for a beautiful, safe and evolving Hampstead. Thank you Dr. Steinberg!”

Anna Katz – Aldred Cr. resident

“thank you Mr. Steinberg for keeping Hampstead clean, safe and beautiful. Your track record in the past eight years has been outstanding. These days, Hampstead has become a very prestigious place to live in. It takes a savvy mayor to show for it. Best of luck for the next term. You truly deserve my support.”

Mike Meir – Harrow Rd. resident

“I noted that Bill Steinberg’s election slogan is promises made – promises kept. As new Hampstead residents, we find this particularly appropo. Like any move, with subsequent construction challenges, we had the very good fortune of contacting Mr. Steinberg directly to explore potential solutions to these common challenges. Each and every message that we sent was answered…not the next day…but that very evening (sometimes past midnight). We found that not only was Mr. Steinberg’s advice timely, but it was also well balanced and constructive. We feel very fortunate to have such a caring and responsive mayor and strongly support him for another mandate.”

Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell A. Fox – Dufferin Rd. residents

“We have lived in Hampstead for 14 years and we want to thank you for all you have done for the city of Hampstead. Whenever there is a problem, we know that we can contact you directly to fix the problem. Bill Steinberg is a hands on, honest Mayor who loves his town and does everything he can to make it more beautiful.You are a man of true integrity and make our town the best place to raise a family.”

Leslie and Gary Ornstein – Queen Mary Rd. residents

“My husband and I have lived in Hampstead for the past 33 years and I remember when William Steinberg (before he became our mayor) fought against the mergers and de-mergers to keep our town from becoming one mega city with Montreal. He encouraged all Hampstead residents to work along with him and his wife Doris who was by his side, and we managed to get our town back. Since Mayor Steinberg has been our mayor, our infrastructure has dramatically improved and we couldn’t be happier with the results of our roads etc. Last summer when our street was repaired and repaved it didn’t take the usual weeks to complete. It was done within an acceptable period of time. We personally couldn’t ask for a better Mayor who has taken a genuine interest in the residents of Hampstead and their needs. I would like to mention the huge task of a petition he started in getting the Government of Canada to ban railway hazardous materials from passing through our cities and towns in such close proximity to our homes. We don’t want another tragedy like the one that took place in Lac-Megantic to occur again. We can count on Mayor Steinberg for the undertaking of this difficult task in representing the well-being of our community. Thank you Mayor Steinberg. We know we can depend on you for your drive and dedication and that you’ll always have our best interests at heart. You can count on our support in the next Mayoral election in November 2013.”

Mr. and Mrs. Lallouz – Harrow Rd. residents

“I have lived on Dufferin Rd. since 1952. I cannot remember a mayor who has been so available, personable, attentive and most importantly delivers great customer service. Mayor Steinberg has addressed each concern quickly and efficiently including follow up. His vision and passion for the town is admirable.”

Eileen Cohen-Kokin – Dufferin Rd. resident

“We believe that your leadership is outstanding and your communication skills are superb. And we respect that you only offer respectful comments or responses to personal attacks. We hope that many voters appreciate the high road that you have chosen. You can be proud of the financial results along with the strategic position in which you have placed the community for future operations. We believe that the town is well managed.”

Jeff and Laurie Usheroff – Thurlow Rd. residents

“As a long time resident of Hampstead the city has never looked as great as since Bill Steinberg become Mayor. He has improved its roads and infrastructure and without increasing taxes. Bill has been accessible whenever I had questions or concerns and always returned my calls the same day. We all can be proud of the management of our city and our Mayor Bill Steinberg”

Doris and David Gandell – Netherwood Cr. residents

“Before Bill was elected, Hampstead had no dog run. Claudia Litvack and I worked tirelessly with Bill to get Hampstead’s first dog run. Bill spent countless hours speaking to residents, researching dog runs and lobbying his fellow councillors. Bill broke the tie vote on council and we finally got a beautiful dog run. I have since had a number of occasions to deal with our Mayor. He doesn’t always agree with me but he always responds promptly and fully. When he agrees, he makes things happen. After eight years in office we have the best infrastructure on the island, low debt and tax increases below inflation for six years in a row. Bernie and I can’t imagine why anyone would not vote to re-elect Bill.”

Penny Tevel, Bernie and Wally (the dog) – Hampstead Rd. residents

“I have been living in Hampstead all of my life and could not be happier to have such a great Mayor in charge of our beautiful town. The parks look great and the family activities are really well organized. Keep up the great work!”

Jamie Burak – Downshire Rd. resident

“I have been impressed by Mayor Steinberg’s caring attitude and his concern about all aspects of the Town of Hampstead, be they large or small. He takes a very hands-on approach, and is an incredibly active and visible mayor. Last but not least, he deals with E-mails and phone calls from residents personally, and responds within hours (often within minutes). His responses are clear, comprehensive, and helpful. I think that we are extremely fortunate to have Bill Steinberg as Mayor, and I am delighted to see that he is running for another term. I wish him the best of luck in the upcoming election!”

Joyce Rauch – Heath Rd. resident

“Bill Steinberg is an excellent Mayor who is passionate and dedicated to the Town of Hampstead. He is always available and attentive to the needs of residents.”

Karen and Steve Perez – Haverstock Rd. residents

“I am happy to support Bill Steinberg in his re-election bid for Mayor of the Town of Hampstead. Whenever I speak to Bill, I am always impressed by his high level of interest and relaxed demeanour when discussing Town-related matters. He is tireless in his work ethic and he tackles each issue with a great deal of integrity, honour, and most importantly, fairness. I believe that our Town is very lucky to have the opportunity to re-elect Bill for a third term as he is without compare in his level of experience and commitment to the job. His track record is remarkable and I expect it to continue as he remains the leader of our Town.”

Ian Shaffer – Minden Rd. resident

“We have lived in Hampstead since 1979 and can say without hesitation nor any qualms that the Town has never functioned more smoothly nor efficiently since “Mayor Bill” assumed office. Problems are quickly and satisfactorily resolved, negativity (other than those of failed candidates and their acolytes) is virtually non-existent. No signs of nepotism nor personal favoritism are prevalent.So very important, he is always available and responds to emails with very little delay even when (in our case) he was away in Calgary on an meeting concerning the Town. As to Town finances, an admirable track record! “Mayor Bill” has made Hampstead an enviable place to reside.”

Nina and Lou Schiff – Dufferin Rd. residents

“All promises made by Bill were kept. I would like to see him again as Mayor of Hampstead.”

Jack Iny – Belsize Rd. resident

“For certain you have been quick to respond in my dealings with you. Quick as well to spring into action on any question or complaint.”

Donna Rudner – Holtham Rd. resident

“We have known Bill for many years as a man of outstanding integrity, character and perseverance. His leadership during the de-mergers, his passion for Hampstead and its residents, the openness, transparency and constant communication of his administration, and his record of careful financial management, all make Bill the best mayor any community could hope for. Further, Bill is incredibly approachable, ready at all hours to listen to his constituents, and help out where he can. When Bill says he will do something, you can count on him to deliver. On the surface, being Mayor of Hampstead looks like a pretty thankless job. But Bill clearly sees it as an opportunity and privilege, perhaps due to his family’s long commitment to community service. Hampstead is very lucky to have him. Good luck Bill!”

Lynn Allan and Peter Krnjevic – Cressy Rd. residents

“Mayor Bill Steinberg is the best mayor around. I am always so impressed with his quick responses via email. If there is a problem he will always do his best to direct you to the right channel. He gets my support 100%.”

Litsa Dvashi – Aldred Cr. resident

“I am so impressed with the way Mayor Steinberg follows up on individual resident observations/issues. Mayor Steinberg visited my house yesterday as part of his campaign route. I mentioned that the street lamp in front of my house has not been functioning and that I am concerned as it is very dark when my daughter comes home….I want her to be safe. He told me he would take down the number of the lamppost (apparently all lampposts are assigned a code) and that he would look into it. I followed up this morning with a phone call to public works. I was so pleasantly surprised that Mayor Steinberg had already contacted public works to look into my request. As a 28 year resident of Hampstead, I feel safe knowing that my Mayor is concerned for the wellbeing of all his residents.”

Jessica Weis – Harrow Cr. resident

“Mayor Bill Steinberg loves his town of Hampstead. He is dedicated, hardworking, ever-present and most of all effective. As residents, we are lucky to have Bill Steinberg as Mayor.”

Sol Lang and Mary Bogdan – Dufferin Rd. resident

“Dr. William Steinberg has proven to be a dedicated and committed leader of our community. He has always been easily approachable and helpful in any situation my family has encountered. He is a strong leader with a proven track record. We wish him great success in the future.”

Deborah and Howard Szalavetz – Harland Pl. residents

“As a 20+ year Hampstead resident, I have witnessed many changes and improvements in our town, thanks to our Mayor Bill Steinberg. His devoted efforts to the demerger was a clear indicator of how far he would step out for our town. His open door attitude is well known to all who can simply just call or email. Open ears (and arms ?) he is, however strong armed municipal and other governing bodies need not apply. Independent, bold and mission bound. Bill protects our town. Mayor Bill’s campaign material speaks for itself. Of my added interest during his term, we had major tennis court drainage work performed as well as the transformation from suspended bulb lighting to a multi spot-light pole system at Hampstead Tennis Courts. Mayor Steinberg’s attention to Hampstead’s needs has sparked the improvements, repairs and projects that continue to benefit many. I am sure the above will prevail through his next term. (I must commend our town’s councilors who have all surrounded Mayor Bill Steinberg and contributed to his success as our Mayor. )”

Warren Hersh – Albion Rd. resident

“We thank you for your stewardship in guiding our Hampstead to its 100th anniversary next year. We are pleased with your handling of the town’s budget as well as security and town repairs. We appreciated the fact that you were willing to come to our annual neighbourhood block parties and listened to the needs and concerns of your constituents for hours on end. We appreciate being fully informed of the town’s events and business in the well designed town bulletin. You will have our full support in the upcoming mayoral election.”

Dr. William (Bill) and Trudis Goldsmith – Dufferin Rd. residents

“thanks to Mayor Steinberg I was able to get a parking problem resolved in front of my apartment where the cars were consistently blocking my ability to see as I pulled out of the driveway. At last I can drive onto to Cote St.Luc Rd. from my driveway knowing I can see the on coming traffic. It is obvious he cares even about people that rent as well as the home owners.”

Marilyn Dillon – Cote St. Luc Rd. renter

“My family has lived here for the past 38 years and in this time Hampstead has never been run as well. In the last 8 years, Bill has shown that he is the kind of dedicated leader we need both now and for our future. If you are like us, you have to admire a man who tries to meet and understand the needs of each resident. He genuinely cares about people and he works hard to make our town a beautiful and safe place to live. We believe in Bill Steinberg because he is Fair, Honest, Honourable, and Caring. He puts Hampstead’s interest above his own. The world needs more men like Bill Steinberg and we are lucky to have him as our Mayor.”

Cheryl and Rod Wood – Lyncroft Rd. residents

“Good work… still work to do… we believe in continuity… thanks”

Vincent Agapi – Strattford Rd. resident

“For the past 3 years, as a Hampstead town councillor I have had the opportunity and honour to work with William Steinberg. William is devoted to municipal politics, he is an extremely knowledgeable Mayor. Through his dedication and devotion to the town of Hampstead, he has achieved many accomplishments. I give him an A+.”

Karen Zajdman, McGill University Lecturer

“just a small note….. my family was away for a week and when we arrived home, we noticed a sign on our property for an opposing candidate. Our tennant had put it up. We’re fine with freedom of choice however we’re big supporters of Mayor Steinberg! Please put up Mayor Steinberg signs on our side of Dufferin asap! Thank you kindly.”

Brenda Halperin – Dufferin Rd. residents

“Our family has on a few occasions contacted Mayor Steinberg and each time he responded to us as soon as possible. It is rare for citizens to have such close communication with an elected official. His motivation to manage our municipality is boundless. We will support you in your reelection. Good luck. “

Ananou family – Queen Mary Rd. residents

“I wanted to write to express our pleasure in the job that you are doing in Hampstead.  We so appreciate the transparency, logical decision-making, cost-saving and overall management of our town as expressed in your quarterly information pamphlets.  We lived in TMR when Vera Danyluk was mayor but I don’t think that even her work could compare to your effective and personalized administration …and trust me, both my husband and I thought that she was an amazing woman!!! We feel as if we are living in a pleasant village the way things used to be, way back when, when services were not lacking and before union workers got surly and unresponsive to the population that they serve.  This can only be due to your hands-on administration, and we thank you for it. Good luck in the election. Can you imagine the job that you would do for the City of Montreal?! Unless you have cloned yourself, please do not even consider that option!!!”

Donna Lacharite – Merton Cr. resident

“Without the leadership and determination of Bill Steinberg throughout the merger/demerger situation Hampstead might not exist as a municipality separate from Montreal. There are no trumpets or self-aggrandizement with Bill. He just quietly and effectively gets things done.”

Leiba & Anthony Rustin – Thurlow Rd. resident

“I am very excited to join the Hampstead team. Although I wasn’t too sure about running or where to focus, when I saw you going door to door in the rain last week, it was clear to me that there is no one who will work harder for Hampstead than you Bill, and no one has worked harder, which your many accomplishments will attest to. Hampstead is a truly unique town and your plans for its future will only serve to enhance its “specialness” for our existing residents, and G-d willing our children. I want to thank you again Bill for helping me arrive at this decision to actively participate in the city’s evolution and I look forward to helping you continue to deliver on your promises for the next four years.”

Ari Kugler – Finchley Rd. resident

“The signs say “Promises made, promises kept” and we could not agree more. We remember that autumn day 8 years ago when we heard a knock on our front door. It was then that we decided to put our faith in Bill. We have not been let down. That human touch which marked his campaign has also marked his mayoralty. The attentiveness he shows to each resident’s issues is a perfect match for our intimate town. Most importantly, Bill Steinberg has also been a responsible mayor. Hampstead is a beautiful town and a little town. In the past 8 years, We have seen many improvements, from more greenery to the dog run. What we have also seen, is responsible improvement, from the financial sustainability of said dog run to decreased debt. Fiscal health is the cornerstone of a community like ours. We look forward to the next 4 years of responsible improvement under Bill’s able and haymishe leadership.”

Amira and Henry Havas – Cleve Rd. resident

“Simply the most honest mayor I have ever dealt with”

Arieh Ohayon – Merton Cr. resident

“your efforts for the Town of Hampstead are superb”

Vickie & John Swidler – Fallbrook. resident

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