Kept Taxes Low

14 years in-a-row of below inflation local tax increases.

Lowered the Debt

Net long-term debt down 48%, since 2011. This means we pay less in interest payments and have more to spend on issues important to Hampstead residents.

Increased Property Values

House prices have increased dramatically. On average, we now have some of the highest valued homes on the island, second only to Westmount.

Here's How We Did It

We were the ONLY town on the island that took a $4.4 million interest-free loan to lower taxes and, instead, used it for fixing our infrastructure. 

I wrote to you and explained how we would use the money for what it was earmarked but take the equivalent from the budget and spend it on infrastructure.

We prioritized work on areas that would reduce annual maintenance costs and damage claims (roads, sewers, water mains and ageing equipment).

PRECO Grant Councillor Goldwax, MNA Bergman, Mayor Steinberg, Councillor Elfassy

Councillor Goldwax, MNA Bergman, Mayor Steinberg, Councillor Elfassy

  • flood gateWe were the first demerged town to get and use the water-gate system to prevent the flooding of basements and large damage claims when water mains burst.
  • We aggressively sought grants to reduce our costs.
  • Then we paid down expensive long-term debt.
  • We also made changes to reduce garbage and increase recycling, leading to Quebec government transfers, now up to about $130,000 annually.
  • We improved parks, facilities and programs to encourage young families to move to Hampstead and bid up our housing valuations.
  • Now we are beautifying the town partly for the same reason and improving our already excellent client service.
Read about what else Bill has accomplished in his Track Record or read about what Bill intends to accomplish in his Vision for a New Era.