A Cleaner and greener Hampstead

  • Through the Hampstead newsletter, town website and festivals residents are educated in how they can live more environmentally friendly lifestyles.
  • Introduced bylaws that require newly built homes to have a larger amount of green space on their properties.
  • First town in Canada to ban wood burning stoves because they pollute the air. 
  • Second town in Canada to ban public smoking on streets, sidewalks, parks and in municipal buildings.
  • Started migrating our fleet of vehicles to electric or hybrid.
  • Installing public charging stations on Hampstead Rd. for electric vehicles.
Clean air
  • Planted over a thousand new trees in Hampstead to help reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Responded to the Emerald Ash Borer crisis by planting hundreds of new trees of different species to increase biodiversity.
  • Converted all our green lamp posts to smart LED lights saving energy and money.
  • Turned the concrete medians on Fleet into planters with trees and beautiful flowers. Read more about our beautification efforts here.
  • Introduced dog bag dispensers to encourage owners to pick up after their dogs (plus the ads on the dispensers generate income).
  • Added dozens of garbage receptacles.
Dog bag dispenser
  • Introduced once a week garbage collection to reduce waste and increase recycling. We have received over $300,000 from Quebec for reducing the amount of waste being picked up.
  • Added covered garbage and recycling bins on wheels for automated collections, which are more efficient, keep the town cleaner and reduce problems due to urban wildlife.
  • Residents can now increase their recycling containers to 360L, for free, and obtain smaller garbage bins. This encourages more recycling and less waste which earns the Town money.
  • Mayor Steinberg has been a strong advocate for banning the transport of hazardous waste material through the rail yards adjacent to Hampstead.
Hampstead Recycling Bins