Safer Streets and More Police

Traffic Calming

  • Traverses Duratherm 009Introduced nine new raised crosswalks.
  • The new crosswalk on Fleet, with flashing warning lights, has made crossing between Minden and Queen Mary safer.
  • Installed close to two dozen new low profile speed humps.
  • Redesigned the Finchley Circle making the intersection much safer and more attractive.
  • No Left Turn at Queen Mary & Ellerdale, during afternoon rush hours, has reduced traffic by 300 cars daily.
  • The new right turn lane at Queen Mary and Fleet has facilitated traffic flow.
  • Changes on Fleet during morning rush hour have dramatically reduced traffic in Hampstead north of Fleet and the burden has been spread out fairly.

Police Presence


  • Saved our local neighbourhood police station 9, which was slated for closing, thus ensuring better protection for our residents.
  • Attained more police presence in Hampstead – Bill was the Vice-Chair of the Agglomeration Permanent Commission on Public Security.

Securing our neighbourhood

Hampstead Public Security Car
  • Significantly reduced loitering and drug activity in our parks by:
    • Increasing surveillance by both police and public security.
    • Adding lighting
    • Creating no stopping zones after 10pm
  • Implemented new pool safety requirements, increased the number of regular and spot-check inspections, and added an extension to the fence around Hampstead pool plus a motion detector
  • Purchased 4 defibrillators and trained all necessary staff in the proper use of these life saving devices.
  • Introduced the Safety and Security fest which gives residents the opportunity to meet with their emergency service providers and learn about new technologies in home and personal protection.
  • Bike-SafetyBike safety training program given by the SPVM

Read about what else Bill has accomplished in his Track Record or read about what Bill intends to accomplish in the Next Four Years.