Help make Bill’s exciting vision a reality. Here’s how:

Fill out this form with your address, phone number and the names of all voters at the address.

If you want to show your support, let me know that I can place a lawn sign in the Fall prior to the election or make a donation below.


Donations are needed to finance my election campaign. The maximum donation is $200 and you will get a tax credit worth $155 so the net cost is only $45. If you want to give more, note that all voters at an address may contribute. Only personal cheques (no company cheques, no credit cards, no cash) are accepted. The cheque should be payable to William Steinberg Election Fund. If you tell me you want to donate, I will contact you for an appointment to come by and complete the donation receipt.

To save time, you can download and complete the form (It is a fillable PDF), print it and sign it. Scan it to me and I will drop by to collect the cheque and give you your receipt.