Health Care

Under Bill 96, the CAQ’s new language law, you are not guaranteed English health services, even in Montreal. Further, hospitals, clinics and other health care facilities may not use knowledge of English as a criterion for hiring. Former Premier Bouchard got it right when he famously said, “When you go to a hospital you need a blood test, not a language test.” Sadly, the CAQ thinks language is more important than the health of those who prefer to speak English in times of stress.

We need more health professionals and Bill 96 plus Bill 21 and Bill 40 all discourage them from coming to Quebec. So even French speakers will have poor health care.

ONLY the Canadian Party of Quebec (CaPQ), is opposed to all three Bills and has a comprehensive plan to guarantee health services for all English speakers, historic or not.

Economic Life

Not only is your very life put at risk by the current government but if you stay alive your financial health will suffer. We need more immigrants to reduce the labor shortage and in turn reduce inflation but Bills 96, 21 and 40 discourage immigrants and drive people already here out of the province. The CAQ wants restricted immigration numbers as well as poorly qualified immigrant to be selected before a superbly talented one who does not speak French.

Social Life

As more and more Anglophones, minorities and even talented bilingual Francophones, leave the province for a better life elsewhere, those of us who stay will have a greatly diminished quality of life. Our kids, grandkids and friends will leave if they haven’t already.

But the Canadian Party of Quebec won’t form the next government so what can they do?

First, the CAQ will get a huge majority. No other party will get very many seats but, at least, the CaPQ will speak up for us in the National Assembly. They will stop unanimous consent for resolutions like the absurd Bonjour-Hi one. They will force closer scrutiny of Bills like 96, 21 and 40 rather that accept them and/or make them worse like the other parties. They will join court challenges against Bills 96, 21, 40 and other similar ones that may come along. They will get press coverage across Canada and internationally.

In time they may attract many more supporters and even become the party in power as Francophones realize how disastrous our health and economic systems have become. But it has to start NOW with your votes.

Think you can work from within the new Conservative party? How did that work out with the Liberals? The leader of the Conservatives supports Bill 21 and Secularism. While he is personally against Bill 96, he has promised to allow his MNAs to vote as their constituents want which means the overwhelming majority will support Bill 96 since that is what most voters in the regions want. And he now states that while he won’t vote Yes in a referendum, he doesn’t want independence off the table. What a con artist – don’t be fooled.

As for the Liberals, they are also trying to trick voters by saying they are against Bill 21 (Secularism). The truth is in their platform on page 91. They agree with Bill 21 with respect to banning religious symbols for Jews, Muslims and Sikhs who wish to be judges, prosecutors, police officers, prison guards, etc. The ONLY thing they would change is allowing teachers to wear religious symbols. That hardly makes them defenders of minorities as they like to claim.

We have one chance to start on the road to a better Quebec, for all of us. Don’t sit out this election. Vote for the Canadian Party of Quebec on October 3 and encourage everyone you know to do the same. Share this article now and post it on your social media.

Vote as if your life depended on it because it does.


  1. Thank you, Marilyn. David is the editor of the Westmount Independent and he has endorsed The Canadian Party in his editorial.

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