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Cochlear Implant surgery finally comes to Montreal

Cochlear Implant surgery finally comes to Montreal “Blindness separates people from things; deafness separates people from people.” –Hellen Keller While I was never totally deaf, I was born with a severe hearing loss which eventually progressed to profoundly deaf (one step away from total deafness) so I can relate. Like most people with a serious…

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Some inconvenient truths about climate change

Everybody knows that climate change is real, that it is increasing at an alarming rate and it is mostly due to man made greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide. And everybody knows that we must do something now or it will very soon be too late. But what if what everybody knows isn’t true?

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The “Woke” culture is no joke!

When I first heard about the being “woke,” I laughed. It was so stupid, so juvenile, so self-righteous. How could people fall for this nonsense? Surely, clear thinking people would see through the absurdities. Well, I was wrong.

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Income Tax Reform – a not so modest proposal

I think most Canadians would agree with Canada’s progressive income tax. The more you earn, the more you pay because you can afford to pay more. However, it isn’t that simple since there are numerous possible deductions and tax credits – refundable and non-refundable. Aside from making filing one’s taxes very difficult if you do…

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Canada’s sorriest Prime Minister

In a March, 2018 story BBC asked, “Does Justin Trudeau apologize too much?” At the time he had formally apologized on behalf of the Canadian government more times than any previous Prime Minister. But he was only just getting started.

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